RBT Mock Exam

practice exam

So you have decided to become a Registered Behaviour Technician! 

This mock exam will test your theoretical and applied knowledge and will prepare you for the RBT exam at a designated Pearson-Vu exam venue. 

The exam is divided up in the individual sections;

  1. Measurement (10 questions)
  2. Assessment (8 questions)
  3. Skill Acquisition (24 questions)
  4. Behaviour Reduction (12 questions)
  5. Documentation and Reporting (10)
  6. Professional Conduct and Scope (11 questions)

There are a total of 75 questions. The pass rate is set for each individual section at 85%, slightly higher that the 80% the board requires.

What's included?

6 Quizzes

You may be interested in our companion RBT flash cards to help you study for the exam.

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