Understanding Typical Development

Many BCBAs and BCaBAs alike work with children with developmental disorders, such as  Autism Spectrum Disorders. Their behaviour analytic course work did not specifically prepare them or give them an understanding in a developmental perspective of typical development. 

In addition, the bulk of the literature that is available, typical development is described from a developmental psychologists approach and this view is not in line with a behaviour analytic worldview. 

This course will give an oversight of the developmental psychological approach and blend it with a behaviour analytic approach. 

At the end of the course, the learner will have an overview of typical development from both approaches and this will inform the practice of the learner as a BCBA and provide knowledge to program for skill acquisition of young learners. 

Course Curriculum

Baby It's You - First Steps
Baby It's you - Taking Hold
The Independent Thinker part 1
The Independent Thinker - part 2
The Independent Thinker - part 3
The Independent Thinker - part 4
A Child's World - part 1
A Child's World - part 3

What's included?

9 Videos

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